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We're not just another screen printing and embroidery company.  With almost 20 years in the clothing brand industry, we know what it takes to build a clothing brand.

Screen printing and embroidery is MUCH different for clothing brands than it is for most other small businesses.  Knowing those differences, and applying them to your clothing brand, is what sets us apart from other screen printing and embroidery companies.


Whether you're a startup clothing brand and simply don't know where to start, or are an existing brand needing help taking your clothing brand to the next level, we've got an affordable product or service that can help you.

Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation and see how we can help you conquer your next project.

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The Conquer Project is a full-service custom screen printing and embroidery facility with almost 20 years of printing and brand-building experience. Over the years we have grown, and now offer a wide range of services for local and internet clients across the globe.

Despite our growth, we still remain a modest sized operation with a focus on excellent quality and superior customer service. We view building a clothing brand as a collaborative effort, which is part art/design, part science, part craft and mainly a lot of hard work.

A significant amount of time and energy goes into everything we do, with the goal of creating an end product we. and our clients. are proud of.
We look forward to working with you!

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Screen printing is the art of creating a stencil from a mesh screen and transferring ink through it onto an object.
Graphic embroidery machine on the hat


Embroidery is the art of stitching designs into a garment with a needle and thread.
Working white embroidery machine embroidering logo on red and black sport cap, close up picture


After we decorate your garments, let us add the finishing touches. Folding, bagging, tagging...we do it all!
ink on rubber handle hang on place above plastisol ink in cans ready for print tee shirt


Everyone loves stickers! We make stickers for bands, restaurants, businesses and clothing brands.


Our fulfillment team can take care of packaging and sending your products to your customers via UPS, FedEx, or the US Mail.


We build great looking, responsive, and effective e-commerce stores. Let us help you build a successful store!


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